Straining Liquids: Did You Know?

29 Dec

Often times when preparing food we end up with unwanted clumps and other solid food matter in liquids. Did you know that there is an easy fix for this? We usually have common household items at our disposal which can remedy these types of situations. Colanders, sieves and strainers are all used to remove liquids from solids. In addition, a simple paper coffee filter may be used to separate even smaller solids.

Fruit & Vegetable Juice
To remove pulp and other solids from juice, place a paper coffee filter inside of a hand strainer and rest on top of a large bowl. Slowly pour juice into filter, discarding the pulp left behind. This process can be slow depending on how much pulp and solid matter are being separated from the juice, so you may need to replace your coffee filter should it be filled with pulp.

Gravies & Sauces
It is all-to-easy to create clumpy gravies and sauces (as previously mentioned here). To remove such clumps, place a mesh colander, sieve, or strainer over a large bowl. Pour gravy into colander and discard solids left behind.

Used Cooking Oils
After deep-frying foods, there are usually small particles left in the oil. Should you be one who likes to reuse your oil, these fine particles may be strained out using a paper coffee filter. Place a coffee filter inside of a funnel (if you don’t have a funnel, use a hand strainer), then place over the opening of a bottle or jar. This method tends to take a little while as oils flow less quickly than juices and should therefore be poured in a little at a time.


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