Reboot Your Life Detox: Days 11-15

24 Jan

Reboot Your Life Detox: Days 11-15

And finally, my last 5 days on The Classic Reboot detox. As I believe I mentioned briefly before, this detox is, for the most part, allergen-free. It is free from dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat. There are a couple recipes that call for soy sauce, however, so you can either just do without or substitute the soy sauce with something else (perhaps a little balsamic vinegar and salt but don’t quote me on that).

Also mentioned before, I’ve noticed that I have much more energy than I did before I started this program. I can’t even think of a time when I wanted a nap. I’ve been alert and focused all day, every day, and sleep well at night. What you put into your body affects everything about you. This concept is so simple, yet it works. Your energy, your hair, your skin, your nails…even your clothes will fit better. When you feed your body the fuel it needs, it responds in a positive manner.

This program has taught me more about healthier cooking; that food doesn’t need to be salt or sugar-laden and drenched in oil in order to taste good (though, let’s face it, sometimes that really hits the spot). At the same time, however, I have to admit that I am looking forward to eating beans and flour again along with my beloved mock meats and cheeses! The goal though is to decrease my intake of refined foods, so I hope to create more recipes which will reflect this.

Without further adieu, below is a slideshow of some of the meals I ate this week along with a recap of my last 5 days on the detox:

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Day 11:

Breakfast: Apple Peach Bake and Lemon Lime Juice
Lunch: Apples, Parsnips & Sweet Potatoes
Dinner: Harvest Roasted Veggies

In case you haven’t noticed, this detox calls for a lot of apples and sweet potatoes. I’m not complaining though (yet) as I happen to like both, I’m just not sure if I like them together (i.e. Apples, Parsnips & Sweet Potatoes). I had one of those days today where nothing really tasted good to me so I didn’t eat much. I didn’t have a big appetite either so that wasn’t a problem. Dinner, however, was pretty good. It was nice having something again that was a little more on the savory side. The Harvest Roasted Veggies consisted of butternut squash, baby bella mushrooms, sweet potatoes, onion and garlic, and was seasoned with basil, thyme, salt and pepper. I’m a mushroom fan so this recipe is what I needed.

Day 12:

Breakfast: Apple Peach Bake and Apple/Beet/Carrot Juice
Lunch: Sweet Potato & Bok Choy Soup
Dinner: Harvest Roasted Vegetable Comfort Soup

For breakfast and lunch today, I had leftovers. Not much to say about them except that they are good leftover! Dinner was pretty easy to make as it called for 4 cups of the Harvest Roasted Veggies from last night’s dinner. The recipe also called for an apple which I wasn’t feeling so I skipped it. I’m glad I did because the soup ended up being pretty good. I really haven’t been feeling the sweet and savory-in-one dishes lately. Give me one or the other and I’ll be happy.

Day 13:

Breakfast: Melon Medley and Purple Power Juice
Lunch: Apples, Parsnips & Sweet Potatoes and Harvest Roasted Vegetable Comfort Soup
Dinner: Harvest Roasted Veggies and Sweet Potato & Bok Choy Soup

What a simple, yet, delicious breakfast. The Melon Medley included cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon, and the Purple Power Juice had lots of grapes and a touch of ginger. Both were refreshing and plenty sweet on their own. Once again, lunch and dinner consisted of leftovers since some of these recipes make so much food! I’m looking forward to eating up the leftovers in order to make way for something new and different.

Day 14:

Breakfast: Melon Medley and Apple-Cabbage-Carrot-Swiss Chard-Ginger-Lemon Juice
Lunch: Parsnips & Sweet Potatoes and Grapes
Dinner: Seasoned Sweet Potato “Fries” and Garam Masala Swiss Chard

Juice this morning consisted of, well, apple, cabbage, carrot, swiss chard, ginger and lemon. Lots of good stuff. It was a little heavy on the cabbage flavor but other than that it was sweet and pleasing to the palate. Lunch again was leftovers along with some red grapes. For dinner, since I had some extra sweet potatoes laying around, I decided to make “fries” and give the Garam Masala Greens another go, this time with swiss chard and about half the salt. The result? Pretty darn tasty! The spice adds a nice kick. My only gripe though is that there was a bit of a grainy feel to them. Must have been my spices because that chard was rinsed well!

Day 15:

Breakfast: Coconut Melon Mint Smoothie
Lunch: Garden Blend Juice and Salad

Today started off with a new creation, the Coconut Melon Mint Smoothie. This smoothie consisted of cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, fresh mint, and coconut water. It was a lightly sweet and refreshing drink, not to mention filling. For lunch was another new creation, Garden Blend Juice. Consisting of tomato, carrot, celery, cucumber, ginger, parsley, radish  and zucchini, this is not your typical sweet juice but full of flavor and nutrients. The salad consisted of butter lettuce, avocado, cucumber, tomato and fresh dill. Light but filling and delicious.

Did you notice that dinner is missing? I’ll admit, I was bad and broke my detox a meal early in order to indulge in some Mexican food with friends. Hey, it’s Saturday night so why not? These detoxes are not about being perfect, but about educating yourself and taking steps to eat healthier. For some, making it through a couple of days on a detox takes some will power, but any effort that is made should be considered progress.

Well, that concludes my Reboot Your Life journal/review. I hope you’ve learned a couple things along the way and will give this detox a shot if you’re so inclined! I recommend it. Though I got a little tired of apples and sweet potatoes, I feel absolutely wonderful, increased my energy, and lost a little weight. Score!

NOTE: Vegan Food Addict is in no way affiliated with Reboot Your Life. The views and opinions expressed herein are strictly my own and do not necessarily reflect that of others.


2 Responses to “Reboot Your Life Detox: Days 11-15”

  1. Kristen October 31, 2012 at 9:58 am #

    Curious to know if you lost any weight in the 15 days (even if you maybe didn’t have any to lose)?

    • megmeister November 1, 2012 at 7:31 am #

      Hello Kristen,

      My clothes definitely fit better and I felt better overall. I actually don’t own a scale so I didn’t weigh myself, but I’m pretty sure I lost some weight. How much though, I couldn’t tell you. Sorry about that!

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