Restaurant Review: Santullo’s Eatery

23 Mar

New York style pizza in Chicago? Believe it! Santullo’s Eatery is a veg-friendly establishment that offers New York style pizza in addition to pasta, salads and sandwiches, each with vegan options. Be sure to ask which are vegan though as they are not clearly marked.

Upon entering the establishment, I got the feeling that this place knows their pizza. The big menu boards at the counter and the warmth of the ovens created a nice environment to walk into. After deciding what we wanted to eat, I approached the counter and ordered a custom 20″ pizza (the only full pizza size they offer to my knowledge). The man behind the counter was less than friendly. He didn’t smile, didn’t seem to want to be there, answered the phone while I was in mid-speech, just didn’t care. Nonetheless, I ordered the pizza and to my surprise, found that it cost a whopping $39.50…before tax! Looking over the receipt, I noticed the following breakdown:

  • pizza: $19.50
  • seitan pepperoni: $5
  • seitan sausage: $5
  • oven-roasted tomatoes: $3
  • portobello mushrooms: $3
  • spinach: $2
  • garlic: $2

Surprisingly though, we weren’t charged extra for the vegan mozzarella cheese. I understand that businesses need to make a profit, but $39.50 seems a bit steep! Furthermore, I reviewed the menu boards again as well as a take-home menu. What I found is that Santullo’s doesn’t fully disclose their prices like other restaurants do, as the menu made no mention of what additional pizza ingredients would cost, or any of them for that matter. I could expand further but will keep it to a minimum as I want to talk about the food itself.

Vegan Pizza from Santullo's Eatery

The pizza was the perfect size for the four of us whom shared it. Not to mention it was delicious! Possibly one of the best vegan pizzas I’ve had. The slices were large with thin crust, enabling them to be folded in half and eaten New York style. If you don’t eat the pizza in this manner, expect to eat it with a fork as the ingredients will slide right off once you pick up a slice. The ingredients are fresh and, in general, mesh well together. I’m not sure I’d get the portobellos next time though (if there IS a next time) as the balsamic vinegar they were marinated in didn’t quite blend with the other ingredients (my mistake). Instead, I would choose the regular thin-sliced mushrooms.

In conclusion, I write reviews to provide you with my honest opinion. I want you to know about the latest and greatest products and restaurants, and which ones are worth your while. When it comes to Santullo’s Eatery, however, I’m on the fence about recommending them to others. The pizza is delicious, but the price is steep and the customer service sub-par. If you decide to try it out, just be cautious!

NOTE: Vegan Food Addict is in no way affiliated with Santullo’s Eatery. The views and opinions expressed herein are strictly my own and do not necessarily reflect that of others.


2 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Santullo’s Eatery”

  1. Anne Marie March 26, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    $40 bucks for a pizza? That’s lunacy– ugh. Broiler Room has the same stuff, way more affordable!

    • megmeister March 30, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

      Thanks for the tip, Anne Marie. I’m going to have to try their pizza!

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