Pink Pearl Apples

24 Aug

Pink Pearl Apples

Pink Pearl is a type of apple cultivar developed by Albert Etter in 1944, and is typically available late-August through mid-September (source).

Never did I know that a pink-fleshed apple existed before digging into the organic produce box I received the other weekend. Seemingly normal on the outside with a yellowish-green exterior, the bright pink-colored flesh within boasts a sweet-tart flavor. If you’re a fan of tart apples, Pink Pearls are excellent when consumed by themselves, but also great for use in ciders, pies and sauces. Alas, these beauties aren’t widely available at your typical grocery store (at least not here in the midwest), so if you’re able to find Pink Pearls, I suggest picking some up.


One Response to “Pink Pearl Apples”

  1. Angela Nunez August 25, 2012 at 3:32 am #

    These are so pretty! can’t wait to find ’em!

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