How to Cut a Mango: Did You Know?

2 Jun

The common mango, mangifera indica, can range in color from green to yellow to red, and has a somewhat oblong shape with sweet orange flesh. This fruit can be difficult to slice, thanks to its large pit. Because of this, there has been some confusion as to how to slice a mango. Follow these instructions and you should be good to go (please forgive my choosing of an overripe mango):

1. Holding the mango so that the stem is pointing up and the widest part of the mango is pointing towards you, slice straight down, approximately 1/2 inch away from the stem on both sides.

Cutting a mango - Step 1

2. After slicing, you should have two pieces that look similar in size to the piece below. If cubing the mango, cut a crisscross pattern into each piece, and if slicing, cut into strips being careful both times not to slice through the skin.

Cutting a mango - Step 2

3. Using both hands, carefully turn each piece inside out and pull the mango flesh away from its skin.

Cutting a mango - Step 3


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